Monday, November 5, 2007

Workin Extra

For the past two Saturday's in a row, we have needed extra help at work. So, I volunteered to work extra shifts. Sure, that put me working 12 hr shifts on both days, but that will give me a hefty paycheck when payday comes around. Not only that, but my boss has seen that I am willing to work extra shifts and I have really proven myself to him. I'm now getting a raise, and when the new schedule came out, I had an extra shift on it. This spreads my shifts out, and gives me the hours. Now, paying off debt will be a little easier.
My birthday it also coming up fairly soon. I'm getting at least $100 from my parents and grandparents which I will use in a different way. This money will go directly into my ROTH IRA. That way, I'm building up my retirement, and I'm not missing that money, nor am I going to be tempted to spend it in a frivolous way. The other money I get, will go into my Condo Down Payment Fund. It's doubtful that I will get very much, but you know, every little bit helps!

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