Friday, November 16, 2007


I Feel like I am making some progress. It's hard though. I'm making a little less at my new job than I was as my old one. I'm making a good deal more per hour, but I'm just starting to get the hours I need, and only because I'm pulling extra shifts. However, with the holidays will come more hours, but more expenditures. I got paid yesterday, and I put money in savings and paid a few bills, the others I will pay when I get my next check, before their due dates, and I don't have much money left, but if I hadn't put any into savings, I would have several hundred dollars more. Plus, I'll be getting a few check in the mail because it was my birthday this week.

I'm also taking a big lesson from Christmas 2006. I'm already half-way done with my Christmas shopping. Avon is a great thing! lol I'm not going to have a huge last minute bust and have to pay 200$ in Overdraft Charges. This year, I'm being frugal and smart. Now, I'm working on some rosaries that people have ordered for Christmas. Extra income that I will try to just put into savings and not touch at all. I have a plan and am ready to face the holidays!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


So I'm sick. I mean really sick. Not the flu, but working on bronchitis or something. I'm hoping that I will feel better tomorrow so that I can still go to work. I need the money, and I want to be better for my birthday on Wednesday. Oi vey. Nap time now!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Workin Extra

For the past two Saturday's in a row, we have needed extra help at work. So, I volunteered to work extra shifts. Sure, that put me working 12 hr shifts on both days, but that will give me a hefty paycheck when payday comes around. Not only that, but my boss has seen that I am willing to work extra shifts and I have really proven myself to him. I'm now getting a raise, and when the new schedule came out, I had an extra shift on it. This spreads my shifts out, and gives me the hours. Now, paying off debt will be a little easier.
My birthday it also coming up fairly soon. I'm getting at least $100 from my parents and grandparents which I will use in a different way. This money will go directly into my ROTH IRA. That way, I'm building up my retirement, and I'm not missing that money, nor am I going to be tempted to spend it in a frivolous way. The other money I get, will go into my Condo Down Payment Fund. It's doubtful that I will get very much, but you know, every little bit helps!