Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Getting Started

So I know it's a long road to get to where I need and want to be. But, this is a start. I never thought I would be back in this situation. However, this time is not nearly as bad as the last. Last time I was stuck here, I was in collections for EVERYTHING and didn't have a job. I scraped by on the $200 a month my mother was giving me. And that was food, gas, and paying enough on my debts to keep from getting arrested. And that almost happened. I scraped by that with the skin of my teeth. But that time I was over $5,500 in debt. Right now, I'm only at $1,800. I say I'm in a much better situation because this time I have a job, and the only reason I have this much debt currently is because I was in school this summer and used my cards to pay part of my tuition, books, and then to survive because I was working about half the hours that I normally work.
So here I am, making a fresh start. I plan on saving some money and paying off my debt, so that I don't have to use credit cards for an emergency. Not only that, but I now have some goals that I am saving for. Mainly a down payment for a house for when I graduate from college. I know that I will get money for graduation, but I want to have at least $8,000 saved up to be able to put a 10% down payment on a home. The place that I would like to move into has a condo for $89,000 that I like. This coupled with the fact that the market is going down nationwide, should help me to make a good deal when I move up there. I think that in 2 years I can amass a down payment for a home and an emergency fund.
So, here's to a new beginning. Bonjournée!

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